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How much is killer или I look for the killer urgently expensively

In two years of work on the Internet and in the TOR network people ask the same questions: how much is киллер killer price and t of.

For example the prices on the world:

The sum which is received by the killer depends on the one who starts working, and also from complexity of a task and from the personal arrangement. For example, in a commune Shen-Buzhri of the Canton of Geneva the husband ordered murder of the wife to three natives of Kosovo who had to receive 400 thousand francs (the Swiss franc is almost equal to dollar).

In other case the mother-in-law and the wife have ordered murder of the husband for 50 thousand francs. And the owner of restaurant has paid 20 thousand for liquidation of the competitor.

The record avarice was shown by a certain grocer from quarter Paki who has promised the native of Maghrib (North Africa) only five thousand francs for murder " captious " police officer.

In our case the prices are very low with world why we and have occupied a niche across the CIS and t of.

How much is order? According to last years of our work of the price of contract murders in the Russian Federation through our service.
murder of the ordinary citizen 8000-10000$
murder of the mediocre businessman 12000-18000$
murder of the deputy from 40000$
murder of the oligarch from 80000$

(These prices approximate as by each order the price)

 As we see, quotations on murder not ultraboundary. Actually $3 thousand - not such big money, at least, in Russia.
Our Russian killers enter in international & quot; бизнес". It is caused mainly by the fact that the Russian killers work much cheaper. Our killers worked in Germany, in France, Greece, Austria, the USA.

The price will depend on complexity of the order and every time the price will be different.

To make the order