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How to take away a debt how to take away a debt from the debtor take away the apartment for debts

You knew that it is necessary to lend money only on receipt, but haven't made it. Have lent to the loved one who very much asked you about the help. But time of calculations has passed long ago, and your debtor doesn't hurry to repay a debt. How to return the money?

If you have providently taken the receipt, then everything would be much simpler. But you have no receipt and now with it there's nothing to be done. But it is necessary to do something.

You have two options: to contact police or our service:

1 The police than can help you? Answer: To attract the person for fraud provided that you have witnesses not from among relatives or a conversation recording or video.
As practice of last years shows the police alas can't help not than and not what criminal case is opened won't be. Without evidential base it is just air and a waste of time.

2 Will address in our service. We won't describe procedure of return of debts but for 2 years has been returned to people who have addressed us for the sum more than 25 million rubles!

Besides the borrower will be will apologize to you will return all money and very often offers bonuses for the spent time and nerves.

Question and if the person has spent your money and he has no money? The answer then if is real estate, cars, shops they will go for return of that sum which it has occupied. And if the borrower doesn't have it then there are dear people the Wife Brat Sestra Roditeli and t of.

How to take away a debt at должника the help to take away a debt?

There are several methods to take away a debt from the debtor:

The first, contractual method of return of a debt.

We will apply this way generally to conscientious borrowers. Their number makes about 70%. Generally don't repay debts Ч because, simply, have forgotten, haven't calculated, etc. In this case the claim order "refreshes" a duty of the borrower to pay the main amount of debt and percent on him.

Second, officially power method of return of debts.

Let's say all negotiations with the borrower on return of debts amicably have not brought results. At this stage Ч it is not obligatory to constitute the action for declaration and to take a legal action. The appeal to law enforcement agencies on the bases, say, of fraud (Art. 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation), illegal receipt of the credit (Art. 176 of the criminal code of Russian Federation), legalization (washing) of money looks very effective (Art. 174 p.1 of the criminal code of Russian Federation).

The third, informally power Ч «arrival».

This method was very popular in the nineties. Now numerous agencies are engaged in such way of return of debts but as practice of unit shows will be able to help you.

It is a lot of swindlers and any detective agents who so beautifully offer the services presently. The bulk is a Garbage.

The fourth, executive production.

So, extrajudicial methods have not helped you. From force line item to the borrower not to be risen, not to mention attempts of the conclusion of the voluntary settlement. It is possible to collect money from debtors through court within executive production. Executive production Ч the stage following after legal proceeding, pronouncement of the resolution. However and within legal proceeding the claimant in the right to use such tool as providing the claim Ч seizure of property of the debtor, money, other assets, will lock to the defendant to make what - or the actions connected with a matter in issue and other. The fifth, economic methods.

The most bad debts are usually recovered according to this scheme: overdue completion date of documents to collection, locations of the debtor in the third countries, dissolution of assets on which collection Ч here the incomplete list of the bases to application of methods of this group is turned. Easier happens to sell/yield a debt, than to collect it by own efforts, spending for it enormous resources.

Our methods of returns of debts combined have also no analogs in the Russian Federation and the CIS. Write us at any time and you receive the answer. Also remember before borrowing money hundred times think even the best friend or the relative can will turn in a flash into your most terrible Enemy!

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