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Agency of Hired Killers

We accept orders to eliminate people in the USA Europe Asia we are Russian killers ready to go to any country and to perform any dirty work.

Describe the main point, the in more detail you describe the order, the it is more than chances that we will communicate within days. The object address, data on object (First name, middle initial, last name work, it is possible any references to social nets or any other information on object), specify an amount of money which you expect to pay for service (from... $).

Anyway, we will answer or not, your message will be removed from the server automatically after the first reading by us or isn't dependent on that we will read or not, the letter automatically will be removed days later.

   Order cost depends on specific conditions of accomplishment and on special (additional) wishes of the customer.

Cruelty - concepts relative, as any concepts for the person. The speech not about that it is good to kill or it is bad, the purpose of actions is far more important. Many people live isn't deserved, steal, deceive, force, kill, beat, consider people for cattle and t of. And than at the person more power of subjects more he becomes impudent.

«The lonely shot has to sound enthusiastic salute in morning silence»

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