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Practically all killers are natives of intelligence agencies killers of Russia or the killer Moscow is necessary.

It is possible to find in Russia without effort the killer on any purse and for accomplishment of any order. Among professional murderers there are both hardly noticeable loner shooters, and harmonious groups, armed cap-a-pie. But practically all these people are natives of intelligence agencies and army

Contract murders". At the beginning of the 90th they became very widespread phenomenon in Russia. The word "killer" has appeared in a lexicon of journalists, politicians, businessmen, criminal elements, ordinary citizens. When have understood that can destroy any person, in any place, despite bodyguards, about a profession of the killer there was a set of legends. In recent years killers began to be carried to a certain caste of underworld. On confidential data of the Russian Federation, only in the 1995th year 2,5 thousand contract murders have been committed.

Murder preparation

Strangely enough, in most cases the killer looks for the customer. Also it does it through the same intermediaries. The professional hitman constantly collects data on several perspective victims (as it is known, now any personal information is very available). It is guided in the conflicts. And then, having probed the soil, at the right time offers the services to the prospective customer.
Cover and alibi of the killer consists that for the period of commission of murder or at once after him he can go to hospital or even to go to prison for a small crime...
With arms there are no problems. The illegal weapon in Russia so many that it will be enough for several wars. Killers watched the victims not only with the gun TT, but even with the grenade launcher. As not running low source of the weapon and ammunition serve the army and "hot spots". To find suppliers impracticablly even if on "trunk" serial number has escaped.

To make the order