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We don't ask why you need anonymity - we simply provide it to you!

  • Nobody ever learns that you addressed us.
  • We don't store correspondence history
  • Our website is located in an offshore zone with rather liberal legislation.
  • 100% safety and anonymity at the address to our service.
  • Lack of statistics. We don't conduct statistics on your messages, we don't demand personal information on you
  • Our server is changed by TTL values (Time To Live). TTL - lifetime of an information block. Usually each router through which there passed the packet reduces TTL by unit. It is possible to determine by TTL value of the come packet through how many routers there passed the packet that allows to define through how many hosts there is your computer, i.e. "distance" to you. The changed TTL value excludes such opportunity and stronger protects us and you from interception of traffic.
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