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The killer or just where to find the killer is necessary

Killers for elite - the best that can offer the modern market of hitmen today. They intend not for chiefs, and for very big chiefs - presidents of banks, heads world-wide or всероссийско the known corporations, politicians and businessmen of the highest level. In this environment contract murder costs from 50 thousand dollars. Experts consider that the fees for Vladislav Listyev's murders, Boris Yakubovich (the manager of the branch of Inkombank, 1993) and to that similar crimes were 2-3 times higher, at the level of world quotations. What "object" is better known for, that the professional's fee is higher. Fee of the killer for Otari Vitalyevich Kvantrishvili better known of the general public as Otarik, has cost the customer in the amount close to 250 thousand dollars. Roots of killers for elite consign to the remote Soviet past, in 1983. Then the confidential management "B" where the special employees who have had special training and implemented in criminal groups for shooting of leaders of a drug mafia and bigwigs of "shadow" economy worked has been created. They were killed without court because from them corruption communications reached for party heads of areas and federal republics. After disintegration of the Union most of killers have continued the labor activity in an unofficial order. Killers of an old formation are these "pros", above world level. In their arsenal a set of types of weapon, including the destructive devices working from a challenge of the cell phone. Among this category of killers it is possible to find the specialist in the organization of "accidents" - the naturalist; in such cases even criminal case, as a rule, is not opened. Killers pros are almost imperceptible that, respectively, provides to the customer a safety guarantee. In any case it clearly demonstrates investigation of all "loud" crimes of the last years. So, misters good if at you the decent amount of money and good communications with the criminal leaders having in a cushion of 1-2 killers for elite and if you do not want to go to prison as "customer" is unavailable, then wait a little with elimination of the citizens preventing you to live a little.


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