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To buy potassium cyanide or shortly poison cyanide

Whether long ago you were influenced by action of such disease how chronic, it is long not stopping life? And sharp loss of meaning of life didn't overtake you long ago? Or perhaps you are often visited on the contrary by attacks of unreasonable optimism? However, not very well, what there you have diseases. At any illness one universal remedy will help potassium cyanide

potassium cyanide.

Potassium cyanide (R) belongs to group of blockers of tissue respiration.
Way of introduction - oral. The effect comes in 5-15 sec. Also unlimited time proceeds. At oral application interacts with stomach HCl with formation of HCN and KCl. It is well soaked up in a gastrointestinal tract. Alcohol intake and sweet food slows down absorption of a preparation and occurrence of effect. The preparation is evenly distributed in blood, contacting glucose, —а2+ and sulfur-containing connections. Easily gets into cages where renders the biological effect.
The semi-removal period - 30-40 years. The preparation is removed with urine, a stake, the decaying fabrics. Well gets through biological barriers, long time remains in the decayed fabrics and boards of a coffin. In zinc coffins almost unlimited time remains.

Potassium cyanide (R) is applied to treatment of chronic, it is long not stopping life in any phase of a disease. Also it is appointed at maniac-depressive psychosis in a depressive phase for implementation of suicide actions, the chronic progressing bad luck at late stages.
In surgery apply at sharp ruptures of close relations, spiritual wounds, sharp loss of meaning of life. As the preparation of the choice is appointed for therapy of any diseases and complications in all stages.

Potassium cyanide (R) is issued in the form of the white crystal dosed powder with smack of bitter almonds on 0:12 g in packaging, capsules for a raskusyvaniye on 0:12 g, 41.7% of water solution in ampoules on 1 ml. for intake.

Now about serious. Write through the order form on the website about poison acquisition. We will deliver poison by mail EMS in any point of the CIS and the Russian Federation.

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