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To find the killer or I look for the killer

Hitmen for heads of the average level
Not all are given rise to be presidents of large banks or multinational corporations. Alas. The segment of the market of hitmen in the form of killers for heads of the average level is addressed to those who just about is going to become them and. Officials, businessmen, heads of organized criminal groups and other representatives of middle class enter this category of consumers. As usual also they "order" similar - entrepreneurs, officials or authorities. One of the main benefits of hitmen to heads of the average level is the quite acceptable cost of their services. Average price - from 5 to 15 thousand dollars, depending on professionalism of the contractor and complexity of order fulfillment. According to marketing specialists, their ranks are joined in two directions. The first - former employees of intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies, military, the second - the self-educated persons who have proved in daily activities, on various dismantling and mobilized for this work as the senior companions from an organized criminal group. From there is a separation of killers and on qualification. Those who specialize in firearms - the gun or the automatic machine, for example, - are divided into "infantrymen" and "pro"." Infantrymen" usually are a part of criminal groups. These are nonprofessionals to whom sometimes charge simple orders. The average killer has one order in 3-4 months. It is connected with the fact that preparation for transaction implies quite serious financial expenses: housing (it is necessary to have at least two apartments: in one killer lives before performance of work, in another - after), transport, the weapon. Besides, after receipt of the order he shall find out location of object, a way of movement, availability of protection and other details. For this purpose it is necessary to organize external supervision, to hire paid informers. Especially as the killer purchases the weapon at own expense too, and his choice in many respects depends on conditions of carrying out the share. Sometimes the help of colleagues who shall be on pickup and who, naturally, work for free not is required. Among this category of hitmen there are both basic singles, and organized groups. Usually the killers who are getting off in pack specialize not only in liquidation, but also in kidnappings.

To make the order