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From outside, at us everything is safe. Organized crime is won. The legislation almost meets the international standards. It is more law enforcement officers, than the number of armed forces and even not all cameras are occupied. And representatives of the judicial case meanwhile can walk on streets in the evenings. Almost European country, but not some there Mexico, write Contracts

In reality all a little differently. The huge number of prisoners and unreasonable hordes of representatives of power bodies of all colors peacefully get on with absolute impunity. In Russia it is possible to do everything that will like. And it is absolutely unimportant how acts are called Ц actions, acts or crimes. One condition if there is no status untouchable (the judge, the deputy, the prosecutor, etc.), then it is necessary to pay for offenses. Certainly, not sincere experiences and some there pangs of conscience, and directly conventional units. And the sum quite on a pocket. Than not a democratic condition?

It only seems that it is impossible to get firearms in our country without communications in the criminal world. Actually, it is possible to buy, for example, the gun in the most normal shopping center, having visited one of the numerous shops trading in the pneumatic or signal weapon. Local handymen, naturally, from among sellers, remake these toys in the most real tool of murder. For example, the signal and noise gun "Blou-Magnum 2000" is upgraded so that it can be loaded with cartridges with rubber bullets and fraction. The cost of such "product" of 180 c.u. that is almost four times cheaper, than, for example, the gun of system of Tokarev (TT) for which ask about $800. With ammunition too any problems. Contents of signal cartridges are filled with a case-shot.

The remade gas guns will cost still cheaper noise. The buyer will receive the gun loaded with fraction for $100 capable to quickly turn the being inspired in a motionless subject. It is remarkable that modernization of a toy pistol doesn't demand special knowledge or special skills. Any school student can clean the partition interfering a bullet departure a trunk and to arrange "Dismantling in Bronx" according to the scenario. Fortunately, such weapon not always brings the expected result. Especially, if to scorch at distance.

What is written about our website by Journalists of Forbes

Journalists of Forbes tracked on the Internet a new resource, under the name SANITAR (The market of murders). People can order online of murder of politicians and simple people from around the world.

One their correspondents of the edition found out that the website works in online the mode 24 hours a day, that is each visitor can order murder of the unloved person or politician. Judging by feedbacks in the TORAHS network all were satisfied who addressed in this service. It is possible to order murder only bitcoins (Internet currency) and dollars and rubles, and to get access to the website Ц through the anonymous Tor online network or just on the usual Internet.

Are sure of Forbes that the website SANITAR of murders functions at least than four years during this time tried the specialist of service Russian Federation and USA will get rid of the website but as we see the website lives and today Ц during this time there have managed to make thousands of orders.

The expected founder of "the market of political murders", has declared that in the future the website will be untwisted so that will be able to afford murders of all prominent politicians, and it "will force people to be afraid to hold visible positions". Also he has declared that the purpose number one for its website is a destruction of the governments worldwide.

If you need to eliminate to kill to destroy the victim that write us through a communication form on our website.

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