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To order the wife how to kill the wife the husband ordered murder of the wife

To kill the wife Ц it is cruel also not everyone is capable of it. Sometimes such cruelty is caused by shock or, for example, drug intoxication Ц in that case this phenomenon is called the heat of passion.

Which of us is capable to kill the wife? In a usual situation such question will be raised by bewilderment and a negative. And if it is required for protection of the life, life of the relatives or the child? Perhaps here already many of us will think

There is such law of human psychology that the person cannot kill the person. Well he cannot make it! Therefore any murder in real life shall be preceded by murder virtual Ц verbal. It is impossible to kill the person, it is possible to kill "swarthy", "kike", "fascist", "mason", "communist", "heretic", "miroyed", "obscurantist". It is possible to kill them Ц "bastard", "bandit"

The husband has ordered murder of the wife

Essence of the American researches: the biology, instincts forbid the person to kill the wife. And it, generally, was known long ago. For example, in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 17th century conducted similar researches. The regiment of soldiers on a shooting range has struck during check of 500 targets. And then in fight in several days all firing of this regiment has struck only three soldiers of the opponent. This fact gives "National Geographic" too.

The person biologically can't kill the wife. And psychopaths who in war make 2%, but are 100% of all striking power of army in close fights as psychologists of the USA report, in civil life are murderers too and, as a rule, sit in prisons. The psychopath is also the psychopath: that in the war where he is a hero that in civil life where his place in prison.

To kill the wife very easily. For this purpose no weapon is necessary in general. There are enough hands and legs. It is possible to kill the wife from any situation. Being before her, behind her, sideways, from below, from above, half-turned to him, squating, even lying a muzzle in asphalt with the opponent sitting on you it is possible to kill him. It is possible to kill the opponent having turned out from theoretically desperate "gangster suspension", it is possible to make it at the exit of "Nelson". From any situation. It is possible to kill with a hand, a leg, a finger, a palm, an elbow, a knee, a shoulder, the head. Any more or less rigid surface of a body can put to your opponent injuries incompatible with life. It is only necessary to know where to beat. And how to beat.
So to kill the person quite easily.

Murderers are different. I don't see anything shameful in that to be a murderer.
The revenge - at all does not do the person worse. On the contrary. The revenge brings balance to the world. All laws are constructed on revenge, only in any law the revenge is called "nakazniy", in fact without differing in anything from the most ordinary revenge. It is necessary to pay for everything. What revenge there is nobody to answer survives. In it the truth.

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