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To order the husband ordered the husband ordered murder of the husband to order murder of the husband

Murder of the husband is a deprivation of other person of life. Simple murder has the burdening, not softening signs. Qualified - murder with the aggravating circumstances:
from mercenary motives or on hiring;
from hooligan motives;
with the purpose to hide other crime;
for motive of national, racial hatred, blood feud;
for the purpose of use of bodies of the victim;
murder of the state, public figure,
the person which is carrying out justice law enforcement officer.

Exclusive Ц murder with the softening circumstances:
made in the heat of passion;
made at excess of measures of self-defense and measures during detention of the criminal;

How to cover up tracks?

The ideal option is an imitation of suicide or accident. The main thing at the same time - that the cause of death really corresponded to the simulated situation. For example, silly to put in a hand the gun to the person shot from distance of three meters. It is silly to suspend on a loop of the person who has died from a blow to the head. Moreover and if during lifetime he didn't show suicide bents.

To order the husband, to give out for the victims of a suicide there is a sense only of potential suicides or people who got into serious vital scrapes.

Accident also has to be plausible. For example ordered the husband if the person dies of allegedly casual falling from a roof - that there has to be a reason for its stay there, etc.

The main stage of covering tracks is full elimination of signs of the presence. It is impossible to leave the things, fingerprints and even traces of footwear on a crime scene.

It is possible to get rid of a corpse in the different ways. Among the most exotic - dissolution in acid, feeding to pigs, a partition and ejection in parts in different places. Often the corpse is tried to be dug, burned or drowned.

Well and, of course, most important and the most difficult that needs to be made before killing the person - to ensure an alibi.

How to choose the murder tool?

At the choice of the tool of murder it is necessary to consider both possibilities of the victim, and own forces. Be ready to resistance.

The firearms will approach, only if you really are able to shoot. The layman, having missed the mark only once, risks to break operation and at once to go to jail. Besides, choice of firearms very disputable. If it is registered on the murderer, then he will be found right there, having calculated the weapon.

Kill the person with a cold weapon it can to be very difficult. It is necessary to have preparation for this purpose to make it it is correct. Besides, near fight will demand from the murderer not only special cruelty and determination, but also physical force for this purpose to win fight.

It is much more difficult to strangle or drown the person, than it seems. For occurrence of death asphyxia has to proceed quite long time, and all this time of people, loaded with a shock dose of adrenaline, will actively resist.

Poisoning - an easy way to get rid of the person. However, here it is necessary to choose poison in advance, to count a necessary dose, to work that the victim hasn't suspected a dirty trick. Besides, the death from poisoning can occur far not at once and the person can be managed to be rescued. As the option can be enclosed allergen in food to the allergic person.

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