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To order suicide but nevertheless to employ murder of the person

For last years many letters from people with a request them have come to send to another world. The reasons are different but there are the most top in our opinion 3 reasons:

1 place is taken by people patients with the Oncology it is cancer in 4 stages with metastasises and whom sent those home or in the Hospice to live the days

2 The place is a bulk young people of 19-30 years the diagnosis terrible VICh(SPID) many stay at home and can't leave as to be ill with usual ORZ it for them death.

3 The place is people of which the woman's girls guys and t of have thrown. That is the soil love and the person goes from our point of view not after careful consideration for self-destruction

It is a little statistics:

Only obvious cases of a suicide therefore the number of real suicides considerably exceeds official figures get to official statistics of suicides - it is considered that annually in the world commit a suicide more than 4 000 000 people. According to judicial experts, the reason of the majority of so-called "death from accident" (overdose of medicines, accidents on roads, falling from height etc.) actually are suicides.

19 000 000 people annually make unsuccessful attempts of suicide.

Only one of four (24%) those who have made attempt of suicide and has survived, adjoins to professional health system.

The number of the finished suicides among men on average are 4 times more, than women - this indicator can strongly differ in the different countries

All figures on suicides in the Soviet Union were secret - Goskomstat has published them only in 1989. To him it was valid that to hide - if imperial Russia could be carried to the countries with the low level of suicides, then after October revolution and civil war the number of suicides has sharply increased. So, in 1926 in Moscow and St. Petersburg the level of suicides on 100 thousand made 42 among men and 20 among women (and it only on official statistics). Further - the high level of suicides has been noted in the 1937th and in the 1947th. Then some recession has followed during Khruschev's "thaw", with the subsequent growth up to 1984 (the 39th person on 100 thousand) when the country took the second place on number of suicides, conceding only to Hungary. During reorganization the level of suicides has sharply dropped (to 23 people by 100 thousand), but, since 1988, began to grow again, and the number of suicides has nearly increased in the 1994th twice.

In Russia for the last 20 years have committed suicide of 830 thousand people. During this time the level of suicides has decreased practically twice (with 39.2 - in 1990 to 21.4 - in 2011). In Moscow the suicide indicator makes 11, in St. Petersburg - 18. In some regions of Russia (Volga-Vyatka, West Siberian, East Siberian, Far East, Ural) this indicator reaches 65-80, in Koryakia - 133, Komi - 110, in Altai - 102, in Udmurtia Ч 101 on 100 thousand population.

People if you want to commit suicide you well think every minute of life is very expensive to the person!

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