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Website of hitmen or just killers feedbacks

In the TOR anonymous network most this "kikstarter" for hitmen has appeared. Editorial office of the American magazine Forbes has received the letter from the source reporting about creation of service in which by crowdfunding model it is possible to order murder of the government official. The market has received the plain name SANITAR, and transactions on it can be made by means of the bitcoin-currency which is fallen in love by users of the hidden part of the Internet.

The administrator of a resource is ready to attract for the website of new users and if the market will become rather popular, it will be able to destroy everything. The administrator considers that he thanks to the service will be able to change the world to the best. The administrator is recognized that he has gathered idea at cyberpunks of the middle of the 1990th who dreamed to weaken the government by means of cryptography tools. For example, the former engineer of Intel Jim Bell has written the small essay under the name "Policy of Murder" in which I have offered model of an anonymous collective donation to an era of blossoming of this movement. However, then Tor and Bitcoin were only the theory.

Now the Administrator to separate from itself the small websites offering similar services (for example, Quick Kill, Contract Killer, Cthulhu) also has suggested to prove gravity of intentions the following model: the killer creates the ciphered text file with expected date of murder in advance and attaches it as the comment to a donation in one bitcoin. After murder it sends the code to the Administrator, that verifies with the foul attached in the comment and if date matches according to the logic of the owner responsibility for death of the person lies on the killer.

On the Internet there are our clones that is copies of our website and suggest people to perform for $1000 any work. It's totally ludicrous and scam! We constantly parsy search in this subject and whenever possible destroy these websites. But it is not possible to watch everything and we advise not to follow the tastes of school students who for kopeks will promise you gold mountains. There was a website many know where the whole range of services such as Export in the wood for talk and many other things has been described. All this fakes of school students who have nothing to do on vacation!

Our website 1 on the Internet and the unique service with the address SANITAR.RE where all services are carried out in the specified terms!

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